Yu Jo Tseng

Making | Playing | Stargazing

Hello! My name is Yu Jo and I’m a third year Computer Science student at the University of Edinburgh.


Back in 2013, I tried making an Android live wallpaper for a school project. It was a total disaster, but was also when my interest in software development started.

Last summer, I worked at Administrate as a Software Engineer Intern, then became a Tutor at the University of Edinburgh. Now, I'm a Webmaster at FreshAir and the Partnership Manager of EaRS.

In my spare time, I enjoy taking part in competitive programming, attempting CTF challenges, stargazing and playing. These are some of my favourite games.

The Witcher 3, Zero Escape, Dark Souls 3, League of Legends, Grand Theft Auto V, Layers of Fear, The Wolf Among Us & The Walking Dead

Technical Skills

  • Java
  • Python
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • GraphQL
  • SQLAlchemy
  • Unity
  • Git

Work Experience

The University of Edinburgh: Tutor (Oct 2018–Nov 2018)

Administrate: Software Engineer Intern (Summer 2018)


Here are some of my personal projects. Currently, I am working on a Discord bot that scrapes Reddit posts.


Beep Boop Coming Soon


An Android App for Managing Finances


A Local Multiplayer 2D Shooter Game

Extracurricular Activities

FreshAir.org.uk: Webmaster (2018–Present)

Google CodeU Program: Participant (Summer 2018)

Embedded and Robotics Society: Partnership Manager (2017–Present)

GameDevSoc: Outreach & Social Media Coordinator (2017–Present)


Hack Cambridge 4D: U21s Only (Cambridge, Jan 2019)

HackTheMidlands 3.0: lumÏ (Birmingham, Nov 2018)

Unbias Hackathon: Discourse Report (Edinburgh, Jul 2018)

Amazon Early Insights: Party Buddy (Edinburgh, Apr 2018)

HackTheBurgh: Doom Bot (Edinburgh, Mar 2018)

GreatUniHack: NetSquare (Manchester, Nov 2017)

StudentHack V: PlaceIt (Manchester, Mar 2017)

StacsHack III: MySaber (St Andrews, Mar 2017)